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Delivering services in the right place

Created on 22 July 2017. Posted in Blog: Devizes Guardians

... by supporting the take-over of functions such as public toilets and grass cutting by the Town Council the merger of Roundway Parish and Devizes Town Council to create a new Town Council which ...

IT'S YES! Neighbourhood Plan ratified by the community.

Created on 17 September 2015. Posted in Blog: Devizes Guardians

... Road. These proposals are not endorsed by the Plan as they fail the criteria used to support appropriate development sites within the policy. At the forthcoming Planning Appeal, Steering Group members ...

Devizes Area Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Created on 25 August 2015. Posted in Blog: Devizes Guardians

... the beginning, and are delighted to give the finished plan our resounding support. The plan will help protect our community from any more huge housing developments on the outskirts of the town, while helping ...

Ministerial NO to Coate Road

Created on 06 November 2014. Posted in Blog: Devizes Guardians

... the early part of 2015. If it is successfully supported, it will then be adopted, and will have full and significant weight in relation to planning decisions within the designated area. It is very important ...

Devizes and Roundway Boundary Review

Created on 18 August 2014. Posted in Blog: Devizes Guardians

...  Devizes Guardians have members on both the Town Council and Roundway Parish Council, and we support the case for re-examining the boundary to ensure that it remains relevant to the needs of the residents ...

Statement on the New Town Mayor

Created on 13 May 2013. Posted in Blog: Devizes Guardians

... asked whether he realised the importance of his role in the elections of committee chairmen and vice chairmen and whether the Devizes Guardians could anticipate his support for their nominations. Councillor ...