Beginnings: "It's not just about trees...."

Our origins sprang from outrage at the decision of the local authority, Kennet District Council, to fell the historic plane trees in the Market Place in the face of huge opposition from local residents.

Devizes Guardians came into being, determined to call the local authorities to proper account for their decisions, as we felt that the matter of the trees demonstrated that Councils had become inward-looking cliques who no longer reflected the needs and concerns of local people. 

In subsequent elections, our candidates were decisively voted into office, continuing to the present day when we are now the majority group on the new Devizes Town Council.


Devizes Guardians Councillors: 


 Devizes Town Council, East Ward  Jane Burton    
   Albert Wooldridge    
   Andy Geddes    
 Devizes Town Council, South Ward  Judy Rose    
   Peter Corbett    
   Damion Godwin    
Devizes Town Council, North Ward  Nigel Carter    
   Sarah Bridewell    
   Chris Greenwood    
Devizes Town Council, Roundway Ward  Roger Giraud-Saunders    
   Rick Rowland    
   Jeannette Von Berg